Eco Green Energy Bagged Wood Pellets

Eco Green Energy Bagged Wood Pellets

We supply 6mm premium wood pellets which comply to EN Plus A1 standard which means these pellets are of the highest quality.

Woodlets are a leading brand of premium grade wood pellets which are both BSL registered and fully RHI compliant.

Our BSL authorisation number is BSL0059717-0001.

100% renewable energy, clean burning with ultra low carbon emissions. Derived from 100% virgin wood fibre, which is grown and produced in the UK from sustainable forestry.

Delivered in 10kg bags in quantities of ...

  • ½ Pallet (49 bags)
  • 1 Pallet (98 bags)
  • 2 Pallets (196 bags)

Bagged Wood Pellets Prices

Prices shown include VAT and delivery.

Local Deliveries
(Most of Cumbria & parts of Southern Scotland)

  • ½ pallet (49 x 10kg bags) - £POA
  • 1 pallet (98 x 10kg bags) - £POA
  • 2 pallets (196 x 10kg bags) - £POA

Courier Deliveries

  • 1 pallet (98 x 10kg bags) - £POA